What Are the Signs That Someone Has a Drug Problem?

It is essential to understand that addiction is a complex condition that affects individuals’ minds and emotions. It is not merely about drugs or drinking. When someone uses a substance to change how they feel and lose control of how much they need to feel better, they struggle with an abundant amount of mental and emotional turmoil. Getting high or drunk might begin as a choice, but when someone relies on the effects to cope, they are becoming addicts. Addiction is a disease that can be helped with in-depth treatment and therapy that addresses why someone needs to self-medicate. Drug addiction is a disease that affects a person’s brain and behavior and leads to an inability to control the use of legal or illegal drugs or medication. (Mayo Clinic)

Who Becomes Addicted to Drugs?

The type so people that end up addicted to drugs and alcohol can be anyone if they meet specific criteria. Addiction affects both men and women, all ages, races, educations levels, and professions. The research on why one person gets addicted to a substance and another will not is because of four factors that will predispose someone to addiction. They include the following:

  • Environmental Influence ( drugs and alcohol in the home)
  • Family History of Addiction
  • Mental Health Disorders
  • History of Trauma, Neglect, or Abuse

Are Some Drugs More Addictive Than Others?

There is a misconception about some drugs being worse than others. Even though the range in potency can affect how quickly someone gets addicted, it will still depend on whether the person is predisposed to developing an addiction. People who have one or more influencers present in their histories can get addicted to nearly anything that changes how they feel. Many people get addicted not to drugs or alcohol but to gambling, shopping, food, sex, etc… Their lives will spiral out of control as if they were on drugs. The defining factor is not about the drug or behavior; it is about the person’s mental and emotional health. Anyone who is suffering emotionally or mentally is at risk. Some drugs are more likely to trigger addiction quicker, but it is not always the case.

Who Determines if a Drug is Addictive?

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency identifies the types of drugs that are most addictive. They categorize the most addictive drugs as controlled substances. They also explain dependency and addiction.

In addition to having abuse potential, most controlled substances are capable of producing dependence, either physical or psychological. Addiction is defined as compulsive drug-seeking behavior where acquiring and using a drug becomes the most important activity in the user’s life. This definition implies a loss of control regarding drug use, and the person with a substance use disorder will continue to use a drug despite serious medical and/or social consequences. (DEA)

How Can You Tell If Someone Has a Drug Problem?

The signs of drug use problems are not always obvious. Some people will hide their addiction for years and face no consequences. In other words, many drug addicts and alcoholics will use or substances addictively but never show signs of trouble. These people usually have health problems before other problems, especially alcoholics who may endure liver failure due to alcohol intake. However, the norm is for people to exhibit trademark behaviors, emotional reactions, and consequences that include:

  • Lying about their drug or alcohol use
  • Job loss, unemployment, financial struggles
  • Having frequent emergencies that require money to correct (often untrue but sometimes legitimate)
  • Serious relationship problems with family or spouse
  • Legal concerns (DUI, drug possession, theft, domestic violence)
  • Depression and suicidal thoughts
  • Inability to quit drugs or alcohol on their own

More About The Signs of Addiction

Many other behaviors, physical symptoms, and emotional situations indicate whether someone is using drugs. For example, most people abusing substances will appear physically tired or too alert and will become disinterested in everyday things they once enjoyed. The one sign that is present with any type of drug addiction is: if the individual is lying. Since drug addiction usually involves illegal drugs or attaining money for them illegally or fictitiously, addicts and alcoholics will lie about their circumstances about almost everything. Unfortunately, their goal in life is to ingest more drugs and drink all the time. The answer is a professional, evidence-based treatment that is personalized to their addiction and individual needs.

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