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Riverwalk Recovery Center delivers modern drug and alcohol addiction rehab and mental health therapy services. We are a member of the trusted Harmony Recovery Group family of programs founded by leading behavioral health innovators dedicated to excellence in care.

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More About Evidence-Based Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Lots of folks have go to drug and alcohol rehab several times before recovery really ‘clicks’ for them. Some get only one chance to enter alcohol addiction detox and a drug and alcohol rehab. All the more reason why the treatment has got to be right. Evidence-based drug and alcohol addiction rehab and mental health therapy are backed by clinical research.

The time you spend in addiction treatment and mental health therapy is precious. That is why all Harmony Recovery Group programs are built according to the principles of evidence-based care. Outcomes are what matter most and clinical research tells us what the most effective addiction treatments are. We believe evidence-based substance abuse addiction treatment is the key to lasting recovery.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehab and Mental Health Therapy in TN

What makes evidence-based treatment methods different is that they have been shown to consistently deliver positive results in clinical research. Careful diagnosis of conditions and accommodation of individual needs is equally important to getting the best outcomes. Thoughtful evaluation and treatment are what we do best. Drug and alcohol addiction rehab and mental health therapy are our passion here at Riverwalk. Effective substance abuse addiction treatment is our stock in trade.

Riverwalk Recovery Center

Practical Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehab and Mental Health Therapy

Riverwalk Recovery Center is a substance abuse addiction treatment program that uses sensible and effective evidence-based addiction treatment methods. Evidence-based methods are backed by medical research which confirms effectiveness. At Riverwalk Recovery Center, the evidence-based care model informs everything we do from trauma therapy to alcohol addiction detox placement.

Part of what makes Riverwalk Recovery Center special is our dedication to bringing science and the soul together to deliver compassionate, holistic addiction care. Any drug and alcohol rehab worth its salt should use evidence-based care. Doing this while never losing sight of each patients’ personality and unique needs takes extra attention though and it’s what Riverwalk Recovery Center does best.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehab and Mental Health Therapy Programs

Riverwalk Recovery Center features a broad array of drug and alcohol rehab and mental health therapy services. Whether you are seeking help for yourself or a loved one, you deserve the Harmony Recovery Group brand of excellence.

Drug and alcohol rehab and mental health therapy are among the most transformative life experiences most people ever experience. Recovery from addiction and mental illness truly is blessing. Why settle for merely ordinary when genuinely exceptional drug and alcohol rehab is just a phone call away?

Our Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Chattanooga, TN

Riverwalk Recovery Center is conveniently located in downtown Chattanooga between the Queen’s Lace and Twin Brook neighborhoods about 1 mile east of I-75.

Addiction and Mental Health Care with a Focus on Caring

At Riverwalk Recovery Center, most of us have been touched by addiction or mental health challenges. We forget the fact that we can play an important part in someone else’s recovery and that can change lives. Effective treatment means using the best of what medical science has to offer, but it also means speaking and acting from the heart and seeing beyond symptoms to see people as individuals. One of the fundamental Riverwalk Recovery Center differences is we are invested, heart and soul, into helping you flourish in recovery.  

Trauma-Informed Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehab and Mental Health Therapy

Clinical studies show that as much as 70% of those who attend an alcohol addiction detox or substance abuse addiction treatment are affected by past trauma. Trauma-informed addiction treatment helps us overcome the effects of trauma by using trauma therapy to promote breakthroughs.  Riverwalk Recovery Center has seen the lasting impact of trauma and how it plays a part in substance use disorders and mental health challenges. Our program is built to meets these needs head on.

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Most Insurance Accepted

We work with most health insurance providers and offer a range of options to meet your needs and financial resources. Insurance benefits verification is free and confidential at Riverwalk Recovery Center and does not obligate you to treatment.

Give us a call or submit your information securely online and your Admissions Coordinator will be happy to explain how we can help you or your loved one using your health insurance plan.  

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