Are you struggling with an addiction or mental health disorder? If so, our Riverwalk Recovery Center team believes that we can help you to live a healthier lifestyle starting today. The first step in getting help for these conditions is to reach out for assistance. When you contact our team, we will be there to help you overcome your addiction or mental health condition. We will offer services that help you to achieve the life you dream of, as well.

One treatment that has helped many of our other clients and could benefit you a lot, too, is music therapy. There are so many ways that this type of therapy can help you to live a better, brighter and healthier lifestyle.

What is Music Therapy

Many people aren’t sure what music therapy is and that is perfectly alright. Our team can help you to better understand this type of therapy.

Music therapy is a holistic treatment option that helps to improve a person’s physical, emotional, mental, cognitive and spiritual state. During the therapy sessions, you will be led by one of our experienced and trained therapists. They will help you connect to music – whether through listening to it, singing it or playing it. The primary goal of music therapy is to enjoy yourself and learn how to manage your emotions or lifestyle in healthier ways.

Throughout each music therapy session, our team will support and guide you, whenever it is needed.

Using Music Therapy in an Addiction Treatment Program

Here at Riverwalk Recovery Center, we have had many clients who used music therapy in their addiction treatment programs. We know that it can be helpful in overcoming addiction, abstaining from harmful substances and learning to live a life of recovery. Some other benefits of using music therapy in an addiction treatment program include:

  • Helping you to manage your emotions
  • Allowing you to cope better with negative emotions
  • Helping you to get your life back under control
  • Allowing you to process your thoughts
  • Teaching you how to change negative or unhelpful beliefs

These are some of the many reasons why we use music therapy in our addiction treatment programs. If you want to know more about how this treatment option could help you to overcome an addiction, reach out to us today. We can answer any questions you have.

Using Music Therapy to Overcome or Manage Mental Health Disorders

Do you have a mental health disorder such as PTSD, generalized anxiety disorder or depression? If you have any of these types of disorders, we believe that music therapy could help you to overcome or manage the conditions. Some benefits that music therapy can have on your recovery from a mental health disorder include:

  • Promoting relaxation and calmness
  • Relieving depression, stress, and anxiety
  • Encouraging you to think positively
  • Helping to ease boredom
  • Helping you to process and overcome trauma
  • Teaching you how to become self-aware
  • Improving your self-confidence
  • Relieving emotional and physical pain
  • Helping you to sleep better

These are some of the many ways that music therapy sessions can help you to start and continue with your recovery from a mental health disorder.

Get the Help You Need with Music Therapy Today

Now that you know how music therapy can help you to overcome an addiction or a mental health disorder, we would like to hear from you. Contact us today to start your treatment and recovery from addiction or a mental health issue with the help of music therapy.

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