When someone is struggling with an addiction or a mental health disorder, it is important that treatment information is readily and easily accessible for them. Here at Riverwalk Recovery Center, we want you and everyone else who is struggling with these issues to know there are different treatments we offer that could help you to overcome addictions or mental health disorders. One treatment we find many people benefit from is group therapy.

Riverwalk Group Therapy Objectives

If you are struggling with the issues noted above, we would encourage you to attend one of our treatment programs that include group therapy sessions. When you are attending these sessions, you will be exposed to the objectives which include:

  • Encouraging healthy, positive socialization
  • Helping each one of our clients to lean on each for support
  • Allowing you to see that you aren’t alone in your recovery journey
  • Being able to learn from each other’s stories and recovery tips
  • Working on recovery techniques with others who are in the same situation you are in
  • Sharing positive goals and achievements with others who are in recovery
  • Having a space place where you can vent, talk, or get the help you need
  • Learning how to develop healthier thought patterns
  • Learning how to develop friendships without alcohol or drugs
  • Lowering the risk of relapse

As you can see, here at Riverwalk Recovery Center, our focus is on positive, healthy objectives during our group therapy sessions. If you have additional questions about this treatment option, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team today.

Benefits of Group Therapy at Riverwalk Recovery Center

No matter what treatments you receive, here at Riverwalk Recovery Center, we know that you can receive benefits from all of them. If you decide to attend group therapy sessions at our treatment center, some benefits you could receive include:

  • Receiving support throughout your treatment program
  • Getting the opportunity to talk about recovery-related issues in front of others who can guide you or help you to better understand those issues
  • Getting tips from others who went through the stage of recovery you are in
  • Learning how to positively work with others while clean and sober
  • Being able to work on emotion management and relapse prevention tips as a group
  • Empowering one another throughout this part of your recovery journey

These are some of the many different benefits you can get when attending our group therapy sessions. If you have an addiction or mental health disorder, let our group therapy sessions help you to overcome those issues.

Start a Riverwalk Recovery Center Treatment Program with Group Therapy Sessions

Here at Riverwalk Recovery Center, we have seen many clients overcome addiction and mental health disorders. We have seen people come into our treatment center after living years of an addictive lifestyle and finally being able to take back control over their life.

Are you struggling with a mental health illness or addiction? If so, we believe our treatments can help you to start and continue on with a life of recovery. Contact us today to start in a treatment program, here at Riverwalk Recovery Center, that includes group therapy sessions.

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