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There are few mental illnesses as complex and varied as addiction. There can also be a great deal of stigma associated with chemical dependency. The nature of the stigma is unique among mental illnesses. Whether someone is addicted to heroin, benzodiazepines or alcohol, the dynamic is the same.

Riverwalk Recovery is dedicated to helping people overcome not only addiction, but the stigma associated with it. We provide healing and understanding for the patients we treat and for the people who love them. Addiction is a challenge. But we have seen miracles occur in recovery and what we want more than anything is to help people enter the recovery lifestyle for good.

Our Focus

We treat addiction to heroin, cocaine, meth, benzodiazepines, and alcohol among others. We are a true dual-diagnosis program. This means we identify and treat co-occurring disorders to ensure the best chances for success. We also strongly encourage the involvement of family and loved ones.

The family of a person with a Substance Use Disorder (SUD) is clearly impacted. They can suffer trauma as well. The good news is they can heal as well. They can also be a part of the solution for the recovering person and even experience personal growth themselves in the process.

Clients under our care at Riverwalk Recovery benefit from evidence-based addiction treatment. This means we utilize methods of care which are scientifically proven effective. We understand your time in treatment is limited and you need results you can rely on.

As a member of the Harmony Recovery Group family of programs, we offer a complete continuum of care. This begins with the evaluation process before admission and continues long after a patient has discharged from our facility.

We offer thorough aftercare planning, outpatient treatment, telemedicine and advisory services to support successful recovery. Our focus is on the success of our patients and we understand that recovery is a lifestyle, not a destination. Everything we do is designed to promote lasting recovery.

Addiction Resources

Riverwalk Recovery treats a diverse clientele. We bring decades of combined experience in the field of addiction medicine to every person we serve. We also focus on education. To that end, here is some useful information on the most common drugs of abuse:

Opioids and Painkillers

Due to the availability of potent drugs such as oxycodone, the United States is being devastating by an opioid crisis. Those who are addicted to opioids often grapple with several symptoms, such as sweating, feeling lightheaded, lacking coordination, sleep problems, constipation, and a flushed face. To learn more about addictions to opioids and pain pills, click Below.


When an addiction to heroin is occurring, an individual will display some behaviors that are risky and out of character. This can include participating in dangerous behaviors, such as using needles in unclean places or sharing them with strangers. One of the greatest concerns for those who abuse heroin is the potential transmission of hepatitis and HIV. Find out more about heroin addiction here.


Alcohol is widely accepted in today’s culture, however, millions of people struggle with alcohol addiction. Serving as an addiction that can lead to an untimely death due to consuming too much or making bad decisions while under the influence (e.g., drinking and driving), many of those addicted to alcohol require professional treatment. To learn more about alcohol addiction, click here.


Benzodiazepines are extremely beneficial for those who use it as prescribed for conditions such as anxiety disorders. However, some people abuse these medications for their relaxing effects. Continual abuse of benzodiazepines can be dangerous and can cause consequences such as those detailed here.


Likely the most popular synthetic drug, meth has the potential to completely destroy one’s physical and psychological well-being. Abusing this substance for any length of time can lead to vital organ damage or other risks, such as those described here.


Cocaine and crack are two very different substances, and sometimes only those who abuse it are aware that they are not the same. While different, both drugs are highly addictive and can lead to an overdose even if used just once. Treating cocaine and/or crack addiction can be challenging – however, it is possible. Learn more about this type of addiction by clicking here.

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The Help You Deserve

No one should suffer in silence. Addiction has a great deal of stigma, guilt and shame associated with it unfortunately. At Riverwalk Recovery, we understand these feelings can do just as much damage to the psyche as the drugs do to the body.

Whether you need help or someone you care about does, time is of the essence. Addiction is a cruel master. It devastates lives. Please don’t hesitate to reach out for the help you need and deserve. We can only begin to help once you make the first move and contact us.

Riverwalk Recovery stands ready to help you or your loved one take their first steps into recovery. We are a group of compassionate professionals who are dedicated to this cause. We can help. Just give us a call now.

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