The process of recovery requires calmness, serenity and focus on one’s body and mind. The good news is that here at Riverwalk Recovery Center, we have treatments that can help you to get into this state. Yoga is one option that we have for you. Research shows that yoga can help people to overcome obstacles in life and pursue the life they want to live.

Do you have an addiction to drugs or alcohol? Are you dealing with a mental health disorder? Do you have both these conditions? If you said yes to any of these questions, we encourage you to try our yoga service during your recovery.

Reasons Yoga Does Help in Recovery

Are you unsure of whether yoga will help you during your recovery journey? First, our team wants you to know this is a normal concern. You are not alone in this thought. However, we also want you to know that yoga has helped many people in their recovery. Some of our clients have done yoga in the past and others never tried yoga until they got into our treatment center. Either way, we believe that yoga can help you in many ways during your recovery.

Some benefits we have seen in our clients who tried yoga during their addiction or mental health treatment program include:

  • Overcoming obstacles and other difficulties
  • Learning to manage emotions and respond in healthier ways
  • Improving their spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical health
  • Boosting the results they receive from other treatments
  • Reducing the risk of relapse
  • Reducing severity of withdrawal and mental health symptoms
  • Being able to stick to new lifestyle habits such as better sleep quality and eating healthier
  • Bringing a balance to the body, soul, and mind

After reviewing these benefits, you can see just how much yoga can help during your recovery. If you have more questions about how this treatment might help you specifically, call and talk to someone here at Riverwalk Recovery Center.

After you find out more about the benefits you can receive, you can work with our team to include yoga as part of your treatment plan. When combining yoga with other holistic and/or medicinal treatments, you can improve your recovery in so many ways.

Yoga is Evidence-Based

When you think about the lifestyle you were living, does chaos and unhappiness ring a bell? If so, now is the time to reach out for help and treatment. You don’t have to keep living an addictive lifestyle or one where a mental health disorder controls every aspect of your life.

When you get into a treatment program here at Riverwalk Recovery Center, you can start in treatments that benefit you. Our treatment center offers many evidence-based treatments that have been shown to improve people’s lives who are in recovery from addiction and mental health disorders. Yoga is one of these treatments.

For many years, professionals have used yoga to help their clients reduce anxiety and stress. Yoga has also helped people to calm their bodies, minds and spiritual states. That isn’t all. Evidence also shows that yoga can help people to focus on how they react to tense situations. It can help them to control their thoughts, too.

Are you going to be in recovery from an addiction? Do you need to overcome or get ahead of a mental health disorder? If so, we recommend trying yoga. You might be surprised at how well this evidence-based treatment can help you.

We would like to note that some people do receive benefits the first time they try a yoga practice. However, other people may need to try various types of yoga before they find one that truly helps them in their recovery.

Start Using Yoga Today to Boost Your Progress in Recovery

There are millions of people who have struggled with addiction and mental health disorders. Many people don’t have much control over their emotional, mental or physical health either. The good news is that if you fall into these categories that can all change for you when you use yoga in your recovery.

Our Riverwalk Recovery Center team believes that everyone deserves to live a quality, happy and successful life. By success, we don’t mean a dream job in a fancy house. We mean having a life that you are proud of and that you enjoy. If you are looking for this type of life, yoga practices may be able to help you achieve it. If you want more information about our yoga treatments, let us know. We would be happy to talk to you about this service today.

Contact us, here at Riverwalk Recovery Center, to start using yoga in your recovery plan today. It has helped many others and we believe it can help you, as well.

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