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Don’t allow addiction to rule your life for another day. We can help you break the chains. Outpatient detox is practical and accessible.

Many people avoid trying to get help for drug or alcohol addiction because they imagine they will have to fly across the country and spend a month or two in a facility. Family, work or school obligations can make that kind of commitment nearly impossible for lots of us. Outpatient detoxification was designed for exactly those sorts of scenarios.

The Riverwalk Outpatient Detox system is designed to fit your life so you can break free of your addiction without leaving your whole life behind. Traditional inpatient detox and treatment programs are effective, but they aren’t always necessary and the are often out of reach for people with full-time jobs who can’t afford to take a medical leave of absence. The idea of outpatient detox is to meet you where you are.

Our clinicians have developed effective protocols using modern medications to help you comfortably detox without a lengthy inpatient stay. While outpatient detox may not be the right fit for the most severe cases that require acute care, many people find them ideal. We utilize long-acting medications such as buprenorphine to help alleviate any withdrawal discomfort. Our detox taper for non-acute opiate users is a convenient way to halt the cycle of addiction.

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We work with most major insurance carriers and offer a range of options to fit your lifestyle and financial means 

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Whether you are struggling with depression, addiction, an eating disorder or some combination of these, we can help. All you need to do is make the first move and reach out to us. Let’s get you better, together.