Partnered supportive housing helps to guide people who want to get and stay sober through their recovery journey. The homes offer a safe living situation in a community-like setting. If someone is living an addictive lifestyle, but they want to get back to living a substance-free and recovering lifestyle, the partnered supportive housing community is a perfect place to be.

Who Should Live Here

Partnered supportive housing is great for certain people. The people who would most benefit from staying there include:

  • Those who struggle to stay sober outside of a structured, recovering environment.
  • People currently engaged in outpatient treatment like PHP or IOP, for example.
  • People who went through an addiction treatment, but still need support while attending therapy and meetings.
  • Those who need a quiet, calm place to focus on their recovery goals.

Do you relate to any of these? If so, you may want to reach out to our team to ask about treatment and partnered supportive housing.

Partnered Supportive Housing and Recovery

Partnered supportive housing is great for those who are overcoming co-occurring disorders, addictions and mental health disorders. In relation to addiction recovery, these communities are beneficial specifically for:

  • Creating an independent, safe place to live while in recovery
  • Having on-demand support and guidance during your recovery lifestyle
  • Providing a safe secure place to stay while in an outpatient treatment program (PHP, IOP, OP).
  • Creating a sober network and possibly making lifelong friendships
  • Reducing your risk of relapsing

There are so many benefits of staying in partnered supportive housing while you are recovering from an addiction, mental health disorder or co-occurring disorder. Now that you are aware of these benefits, you should consider whether this type of living situation would work out well for you. Many people who are in recovery or who are thinking about overcoming a mental health disorder or addiction find partnered supportive housing helpful.

With all this being said, if you want to know more about how these communities could help you to overcome an addiction or mental health disorder, based on your history and present situation, let us know right away. We would be glad to discuss this with you.

Get Into Partnered Supportive Housing Right Away

There are many people who need to overcome an addiction or a mental health disorder that find partnered supportive housing to be the best place to work on their recovery. Whether you have already gone through an inpatient or outpatient treatment program or you are making plans for your recovery later on – looking into partnered supportive housing is a good idea. Now that you know about the benefits and whether you would be a good fit for these communities, feel free to give us a call to talk about how Riverwalk Recovery can help.

Contact us today to learn more about these homes or to enroll in partnered supportive housing.

Partnered Supportive Housing in Chattanooga, TN

Recovery is a journey, not a destination. Riverwalk Recovery knows the terrain. We can help you navigate and give you everything you need for enduring recovery.

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We will help you build a rewarding life in sobriety.

Riverwalk Recovery clients learn to use the tools of recovery during their stay with us. Applying the principles, you learn during treatment is critical to success. Our renowned evidence-based care is complemented by first-class partnered supportive housing to deliver a holistic treatment experience.

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Entering Treatment is Easier Than You Think

Partnered Supportive Housing in Chattanooga

Riverwalk Recovery offers top ranked addiction treatment and care for mental illnesses and eating disorders. As a member of the Harmony Recovery Group family, we are dedicated to using the best of what truly works. Our commitment to an evidence-based care model may be the best example of that promise. Evidence-based care is scientifically verified for effectiveness. Significant breakthroughs in addiction treatment and mental health have occurred in just the past 10 years. Unlike conventional rehabs which are stuck in the past, Riverwalk is pushing forward. We believe our program, combined with the right partnered supportive housing experience is fertile ground for the kind of transformative experience that is vital to recovery. We welcome the opportunity to be a part of your story and to help you heal.

Our Commitment

To set and maintain the highest standards of care by continuously improving and evolving our services in order to best meet and exceed our patients’ needs. We will provide our patients with maximum support during their journey to recovery, giving them an in-depth understanding of their addiction and their underlying condition while equipping them with the tools that will truly help them achieve a lasting sobriety. We believe in empowering individuals who have been living with the disease of addiction to grow into fully functioning members of the community along with seeing their own potential.

Our Mission

To provide individualized, evidence-based treatment in a comfortable, compassionate and caring environment where patients can feel safe and are encouraged to live a life of sobriety. We will respect our patients’ rights and their dignity throughout their struggle from addiction to recovery. We will do this by adopting an environment of care, trust and responsibility for oneself and for others.

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We work with most major insurance carriers and offer a range of options to fit your lifestyle and financial means 

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