Our Riverwalk Recovery Center team in Chattanooga, TN offers customizable, individualized treatment for a range of addictions and disorders. One addiction we treat at our center is a gambling addiction. People who have this addiction often experience devastating effects from it. If you have an addiction to slots, poker, the lottery or other gambling activities, reach out to us today.

Why Gambling Addiction is Effective

Gambling destroys lives. Sometimes, people misunderstand gambling and think it is just something fun that people do. The truth is that it can be an addiction. It not only destroys the person’s life that has the addiction, but their family’s livelihood, too.

Some people who are struggling with gambling addiction, just start with placing a $20 bet at the Blacjack tables or buying a lottery ticket once a week. However, soon, they may be betting their entire paycheck and bank savings on the Blackjack tables and slots. They may be buying multiple lottery tickets a day, as well.

Those who do have a gambling addiction can benefit from receiving treatment for their addiction. This type of treatment can teach you how to overcome the addiction and learn the necessary tools to live a more productive and healthy lifestyle. We can teach you how to choose healthier and safer activities instead of gambling.

Therapies Used in Gambling Addiction Treatment

Depending on the severity of your gambling addiction and the situation you are in at this time, we have various therapies that can be used in your addiction treatment program. Some of these include:

  • Cognitive therapies to help identify problematic thinking and develop new perspectives
  • Individual therapy to incorporate new tools and resources into your life to overcome addiction
  • Group therapy to discuss essential issues related to gambling addictions and receive insight and support from other members of the group
  • Educational programming to learn more about dangers of this type of addiction and why it is vital to stop gambling for good

When you call our treatment center, we will do an inital consultation. We can determine which therapies and treatments would work best for you. Our treatments can help you heal from the damage your addiction has caused, learn how to create a long-lasting recovery and create a better understanding of what issues led you to gamble in the first place.

Our team also places a great deal of effort into helping our clients after they leave the center. We want to make sure you continue on the path of a strong recovery when you go back home. The aftercare planning we work with you on can help with this.

Get Into a Gambling Addiction Treatment Program Today

Here at Riverwalk Recovery Center in Chattanooga, TN we understand how much a gambling addiction can tear apart your life. We also understand how much courage it takes to stand up and admit to having an addiction. We want you to know that when you do make this admission and ask for help, we are here for you.

Contact us today to start enrolling in gambling addiction treatment today.

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