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Trauma Recovery/EMDR Therapy

Dealing with anything traumatic can take time. You may be in shock, have doubts about who you are and even blame yourself for what happened. The truth is that traumatic experiences can change a person for the worse. It can cause you to isolate yourself from friends and loved ones. You may even self-loathe with alcohol and drugs.

Does the description above resonate with you? If so, you may benefit greatly from a trauma recovery/EMDR therapy program. Keep reading here today to learn more about how this treatment may be able to help you overcome trauma.

Dealing with Addiction and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Unfortunately, there are millions of people who have post-traumatic stress disorder and addictions. These two conditions often connect with one another for numerous reasons. One such reason is because dealing with trauma can be chaotic and devastating. Many people who have PTSD often turn to alcohol or drugs to cope with what happened.

If you relate to this, it may be time to reach out for help. Here at Riverwalk Recovery Center, our team wants to help you change your thought patterns about the traumatic experience. We want to help you heal from addiction and PTSD.

Benefits of EMDR Therapy in Trauma Recovery Treatment Programs

Are you hoping to find your way back to your true self after a traumatic event? If so, our team can help you with this. We have trauma recovery programs with the service of EMDR therapy. We have had many clients receive these services and benefit from them.

Whenever someone needs to overcome trauma, they first need to receive support. Overcoming something traumatic can be complicated and troubling. It can often lead people to isolate, abuse drugs and alcohol and question their self-worth. When you receive support throughout your recovery process and get evidence-based treatment, you have a greater chance at building a better recovering lifestyle.

Some benefits of receiving EMDR therapy during trauma recovery include:

  • Processing the traumatic event
  • Dealing with the trauma head on with professional support
  • Having less side effects as compared to taking medications
  • Having support from people who understand trauma
  • Getting empathy from others who have dealt with trauma
  • Being able to recognize how the trauma is currently impacting your life
  • Finding ways to alter your thinking, so each feeling or thought you have doesn’t bring you back to memories of the trauma

These are just some ways that EMDR therapy might help you during your recovery. It is important to know that not everyone will receive the same number of EMDR therapy sessions. The number of sessions you need will be based on your trauma history, thought patterns, personal beliefs and obstacles you face due to the trauma.

How EMDR Therapy Works in Treatment Programs

Are you considering attending EMDR therapy sessions? If so, it might be best to have an idea of how this therapy will work during your treatment program. Some of the things to know about EMDR therapy and how it works include:

  • Therapist uses various strategies to help each client process their trauma
  • Machines are used with flashing lights to help bring your mind of the trauma and then to your feelings and thoughts
  • Throughout the therapy sessions, the therapist will guide you in recognizing and labeling your feelings and thoughts
  • You will use what you learn about your reactions to change the way you relate to the trauma
  • Over the course of your sessions, you will be able to stop feeling so strongly about the trauma

The results of EMDR therapy can vary. However, our Riverwalk Recovery Center clients have had great success with this service during their trauma recovery.

Do you have an addiction due to trauma experiences? Are you struggling to move past a trauma, no matter how hard you try? Does it seem like your life kind of stopped when the trauma happened? If you can relate to these questions, it may be time to get extra help and support to overcome the trauma. EMDR therapy might be a great start in this process.

If you need or want more information about EMDR therapy, feel free to talk to our team about it. We will gladly assist you in your trauma recovery journey in any way that we can.

Get Into Trauma Recovery with the Help of EMDR Therapy

If you have experienced something traumatic, your life doesn’t have to stop there. In fact, you can recover from that experience and be stronger than ever.

Contact us, here at Riverwalk Recovery Center, and get into trauma recovery with the help of EMDR therapy. Don’t keep letting the trauma hold you back from living the life you deserve.

Get the help you or your loved one deserves.

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