Benefits of Outpatient Addiction Treatment 

Have you come to terms with your alcohol addiction? If so, now is the best time to get into a treatment program. Unfortunately, not everyone is a good fit for the inpatient rehab treatment, but that is okay. You can still get benefits when attending an outpatient addiction treatment program. 

If you want to know more about outpatient addiction treatment, reach out to our Riverwalk Recovery team today. A member of our team will be glad to walk you through the admissions process or answer any questions you may have, as well. 

Continue Supporting Your Family

Do you have a family to support? If so, this may be one of the many reasons why you can’t attend an inpatient treatment program. This may be a significant other, children or other members of your family that you need to care for. 

Throughout the different phases of your recovery, you will need to attend therapy, other rehab care services and work on your treatment. If you can’t leave your home for an extended period of time due to caring for your family, you may feel at a loss for what you are going to do. The good news is that you can focus on your family and your recovery at the same time. Outpatient addiction treatment programs allow you to be more flexible with your rehab schedule while still taking care of your family. 

Getting Help and Support from Friends and Close Family Members

If you need to overcome an addiction, outpatient addiction treatment could benefit you by allowing you to get help and support from your friends and close family members. We all know how badly isolation can affect a person’s mental health. It is even a major influential factor when it comes to addiction. There are so many people who drink more alcohol or do more drugs when they are isolated from their friends and loved ones. 

This is where outpatient addiction treatment could benefit you. Since the rehab schedule will be flexible and you get to go home at night, you can still talk to and see your friends and family members every day. You can share information with them about your recovery. They can offer you encouragement and support every step throughout your recovery, too. 

Holding Onto Your Privacy 

Are you worried that someone is going to find out you are going to an addiction rehab program? Do you live in a small town where everyone who is attending the inpatient rehab program might know your face? If you are worried about your privacy, there are ways to get the help you need without everyone knowing your business. Outpatient addiction treatment is one of these options. With this type of treatment, you can attend individual therapy and receive other recovery resources without feeling like an open book. If lack of privacy is what is holding you back, contact our Riverwalk Recovery team to enroll in an outpatient addiction treatment program today.

Saving Yourself Money

Are you avoiding addiction rehab due to the cost? Maybe, you are on a budget or you just can’t justify spending the money it would take to enroll in an inpatient treatment program. This is understandable as inpatient rehab services can get quite costly. 

If this is something that is holding you back from getting the help you need, check into outpatient addiction treatment. In most situations, outpatient treatment is about ¼ of the costs of inpatient treatment. 

Do you want to find out more about how much outpatient treatment would cost in your case? If so, reach out to our Riverwalk Recovery Center team today. 

outpatient addiction treatment

Connecting with Others in Recovery

Maybe, you aren’t so worried about your privacy, but you can’t enroll in an inpatient program for a variety of other reasons. You still may want to connect with others who are in recovery. Studies show that people who have a strong support system and recovery community when overcoming an addiction are much less likely to relapse.

With outpatient addiction treatment, you will continue to build on your recovery support system from the first day you get sober throughout the rest of your recovery. Many people make amazing friends while they are attending outpatient addiction treatment. Group therapy and support groups are great ways to meet others who are in recovery.

If you are ready to connect with others who are in recovery, don’t hesitate to contact our Riverwalk Recovery Center today. We would be happy to help you find the outpatient treatment services you need and want. 

Continuing School and/or Work

Most people can’t just uproot from their lives. They can’t stop going to school or quit their job for weeks or months so they can attend addiction rehab. If you need flexibility so you can continue your schoolwork or job, our team can help you. We have outpatient addiction treatment programs that allow you to come into the treatment program for between 1 to 3 hours daily, 3 to 5 days a week. This way, you can still go to your school or job while working on your recovery journey at the same time. 

Not sure how you can make your current school or work schedule going while you attend rehab treatment? Don’t worry. You can always contact our Riverwalk Recovery team today to find out more about the proper scheduling for your outpatient addiction treatment program. 

It should also be noted that if your school or work schedule changes, you can have your addiction treatment plan adjusted, too.

Leaving Inpatient Treatment

Another one of the benefits of outpatient addiction treatment is that you can continue to receive support even after you have finished an inpatient, partial hospitalization or intensive outpatient program. Outpatient treatment is a great way to keep focused on your recovery, instead of just going home after one of these treatment programs. 

Do you currently need a place to continue your recovery after your inpatient or intensive outpatient rehab stay? Are you just now thinking about getting clean and sober, but you want to have a plan for what treatments you will get throughout your recovery. Don’t worry. Our Riverwalk Recovery team can help you to figure out the best services in our outpatient addiction treatment programs. 

Get Into Outpatient Addiction Treatment Today

Now that you are aware of the various benefits of outpatient addiction treatment, you can decide whether this type of treatment is what you need. If you aren’t sure whether you should attend or can attend an outpatient rehab program, we would like for you to talk to our admissions team right away. They can walk you through the benefits of this type of treatment a bit more and discuss what you should do regarding your recovery/treatment plan. 

Contact us today, here at Riverwalk Recovery, to get into an outpatient addiction treatment program.